Trading Strategy - Ideal Launch Conditions (Reduce Churn)


I was looking for a new Kryll trade strategy to start over the weekend.

And I ended up reading through all of the available strategies within the Kryll marketplace. Some cool ideas out there. Great work guys :slight_smile:

I also noticed (and read on Telegram as well) that the exact same strategy can have very different results for different traders. Even the same trader using it twice. And very often the only major difference has been the starting point. (i.e. Timewise, market conditions)

Thus and just thinking out loud, bouncing ideas. (And it may not be viable)

But for a new trader to the Kryll platform; the first time user, beginner, intermediate and maybe even long established traders, ones who aren’t so familiar with automated trade strategies.

It would be very helpful if we had some kind of ideal strategy launch, or commencement, criteria, some conditions, or parameters etc. And within the strategy description.

When should we start?

Of course we should have the respective disclaimers in place to protect Kryll and the publishers.

But when should traders begin using a certain strategy.

We already have the ideal (suggested) trading pairs.

Yet what are the ideal market conditions for said strategy to start?

Example when the market is bullish, bearish, during consolidation. Should we start at the dip, or during a rally etc.

I should also add that I love the individuality of each publisher’s strategies, their modus operandi (M.O.) branding, style, graphics, content etc.

But if we had some launch strategy conformity, uniformity, terminology, a naming convention perhaps. Or maybe even some specific fields for the ideal “start” or “stop” conditions/parameters for said strategy, and created within the publisher file itself. (Not sure what naming convention to use) But some form of congruence would help reduce ambiguity on when to start with new users.

Again we may need some kind of disclaimer in place. (Amend T&C etc) But this could help reduce the potential for loss by less experienced automated traders. Which would also reduce our customer churn rate. Plus improve the overall performance of Kryll, said publisher and their strategy(s).

Again just bouncing ideas, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you think this will help. Please give it some love, likes, and share with other Kryllians. Thanks again :slight_smile:


That is a very good point.
I could experience it myself with several strategies, picking the right entry point is decisive !


Hello Chapalo,

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I keep looking for areas where we can improve performance and get more users.

Take care and have a great week :slight_smile: