Simple subscription model


I’m gonna be quite frank here so don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel that Kryll token/coin is holding back its adoption. I’ve referred 8797 referrals to Cryptohopper

and 1009 to 3commas.

I’m not saying this to brag or anything just that I’m able to get people interested in crypto bots. There’s a reason I stopped recommending Kryll, despite being impressed by the platform, when you guys started I had to go to “exotic” exchanges to buy Kryll and I just gave up because I know people don’t have the patience or interest to do all those complicate things just to run a bot if they can find bots that are easier to get started with. Sure you’ll get the technical-minded people and more advanced crypto traders who know their way around but a GUI-driven bot seems to be something that wants to appeal to a larger audience, not just tech-savvy people.

I recently got interested again since I saw Kryll was available on Kucoin, which opened new possibilities to promote Kryll .io. I bought 50 Kryll just to give it a try then noticed Kucoin (or the ETH network) charges 40 Kryll as the fee, that’s $22 dollars. I can run a basic bot for a month with the competition for $22.

On the telegram group, someone suggested using the credit card option but there’s no subscription option. This means you need to top up or buy a lot at a time to avoid that. It’s overcomplicating the whole process IMHO.

Also what if Kryll increases in value over time wouldn’t that make it more expensive to run the bot or are the prices adjusted? And how much do I need to buy and how long will it last and do I have to top up and go through this process all over? Lots of questions, by that point I think most people will just buy a subscription with the competition and be done with it. I really don’t understand the need to have kryll coin tbh it seems like it’s an extra hurdle to its adoption, something to complicate a simple process that everyone already knows, credit card subscriptions.

I noticed I can’t even set up a test strategy without having Kryll in the account. Now if you really want Kryll in the system fine by me but just set up a credit card processing form with Stripe or something that just adds X amount of Kryll to your account each month or for 1 month, without the need of going through 3rd parties. Now I need to figure out what’s the best place to get Kryll, what the price is of Kryll, how much I will need to run the bot and convert all that mentally into dollars or euros, what extra costs are involved and also I should not forget to top up in time. 3/4 people already give up at that point.

It would make it a lot easier to sell your platform to people. I’ve never actively recommended Kryll .io because I only recommend trading bots I have tried myself and I gave up because of Kryll token. I did mention Kryll .io in a list of bots and I just noticed despite not actively promoting Kryll .io I got 7 signups but none of them ever bought Kryll. Exactly what I expected as it was the same hurdle that stopped me way back when you launched. To me, this coin feels like having a coin just to have a coin basically. If you wanted to make it FIAT currency-free, you could just as easily allow any of the more common coins.

Why reinvent the wheel basically?