Publisher feature



I want to suggest that we could have an option to change the publisher fees without users having to restart the strategy. If we were to have this and when a strategy fees get changed there should be some kind of alert system that enables users to choose to proceed with the strategy (with a click or two) or if they want to cancel their subscription due to the new fees.

Another idea is to be able to setup the strategy so that for example every 4th week will be free, this could be an option when you publish a strategy. And when your free week is active their could be a column on the marketplace that shows “this weeks free strategies”. This would benefit both users and publishers I think. And our strategies would get exposure without doing changes to them.


Thank you for your feedback JoeKing, we will discuss this idea with Kryll’s developers :grinning:


As a publisher I need to downvote this idea. Changing fees during running a strategy is bad idea and as customer I will feel it as an insult and cheating.

Good idea is to enable Happy hours or happy week for all customers where publisher could enable a discount for a period ie. next 3 days


Hi Bartosak, thank you for the respons :slight_smile: I see what you mean, if you charge higher fee’s it could be a negative thing, that’s why there should be a alert system, maybe it could send out an alert to give a notice in advance, like “in 5 days the fee’s of this strategy will change to X%, do you want to continue with the new fees? YES / NO.” Could also just give us the opportunity to only give discounts, maybe that is the most fair thing as not all users are that active and might miss the alert.


I need to say hard NO.
No alerts, no notifications!
If someone started a strategy and a lot of them are long term, he/she don’t want to look after them and check if commission as changed!
It’s like signing a contract and during its activity You/publisher can’t change anything!


I would mainly agree on this