Option to never sell below buy price


Add an option in the percentage drop block that makes it impossible to sell below your initial buy price, to prevent a strat from selling your bought coins at a loss.


Something similar like this


That is, indeed, a very important feature.


I don’t think it should be an option in that dropdown though.

It should be a separate checkbox as it would operate independently.
what it would do would be to decide what coins are in the pool to calculate the sell amount based off of.

if your strat says sell 50% it would know how many coins it bought below the current price and then calculate 50% of only those. maybe with a extra field for margin.
for example: from all the coins you bought at least 2% lower than the current price.


That would be even better indeed.


I believe this feature would make every strategy more efficient.


Has there been any plans made to implement this anytime soon?


yes, this would be very nice :slight_smile:



We are aware of this thread, thanks for voting. It is not yet in our todo list but it can be seriously studied if the interest continues to grow.


Hi guys !

Despite the simple aspect of this feature, several special behaviors / cases need to be elucidated before developing anything. We’re talking about the first buy, but what if:

  • The strategy buys 100% at 4000$, sells 100% at 4200$, and then buys again 100% at 4100$
    What would be the value of the “1st Buy?”

  • The strategy buys 10% at 4000$, sells 50% at 4200$ and then buys again 100% at 3500$.
    What would be the value of the “1st Buy?”

  • The strategy buys 100% at 4000$, resells 100% at 4200$ (but the order fills only partially, only 10% and sold) then buys 100% at 4100$.
    What would be the value of the “1st Buy?”

  • The strategy is a loop that bought 100% and sells 10% every 1% of profits, as soon as the market falls back by 10% for example it buys 100% etc…
    What would be the value of the “1st Buy?”

  • The strategy is launched with a custom wallet that does not include base corners; starts by selling 80% at 4123, then buys 10% at 3999, 10% at 3800 and 100% at 3000.
    What would be the value of the “1st Buy?”

My point here is to understand the demand (because the “average buy price” seems quite appropriate imho).
Do you really want the value of the 1st buy regardless of how the strategy behaves afterwards?
Or do you want this 1st purchase price to change once there has been a sale?
If so, from which sell amount should it be recorded?

In short, we would need a real expression of the need so that we can best respond to it.


Maybe first buy is not the right name for it.

While no expert on the subject, the idea was it could be usefull to have a block that fixes the initial price paid for a coin when you start to run a strat, and remembers that value.

This block could then be used in an AND block for example, to cross-check it with the currrent realtime value of that coin, before deciding if, and in which way to continue the strat.
For example you could make a conditional ‘+4% rise in last order price’ in combination with the value block. Good enough only to continue to the next step if current price is 4% above inititial price, or do something else, independent of what levels the price has been doing in between.

For example if the strat reacts to volatility. Sometines a coin can drop gradually in price after a buy, and the suddenly trigger to sell if a steep pump happens, but still is below the price initially paid, resulting in a lossy sale.


It seems to me that this “value block” that you are trying to express already exists with the “average buy price”. This block makes it possible never to sell at a loss, not to buy back more expensive than the current purchase price (or all possible derivatives with the percentage levels of the block). Thus, instead of managing your logic in an arbitrary / rigid way, this block allows you to evolve the behavioral logistics of your strategy according to the average of its past actions, which is more efficient / relevant in trading.

We can also create a “record price” block, and an option in the prive up / down one (“Last recorded price”) but it’ll be risky / tricky to use imo


The way I imagine this working is that the strategy knows how many coins you bought below the current price and how many above.

Say you want to sell 100% of the coins you bought below this price… It would know how many you bought above and how many below and only sell the ones you bought below.

Say you want to sell 50% of only the ones you bought below the current price. It would know how many you bought above the current price and leave those out of the calculation of how many to sell.

This is different than using the average buy price because by using only that the strategy will miss many opportunities to sell coins at profit based on the strategy. This way the strategy can continue to be applied even after a bigger drop which would shut down a strategy using “average buy price” until the price gets way back up to it…

This would be simplified if behind the scenes the strategy were keeping track of each BUY it makes as a position it is tracking… Every BUY would have a row which would include the buy price and +/- % gain. It would then only apply the SELL strategy to the open positions in green.

It would also be cool to be able to see an exploded view of a running strategy that listed each position it had purchased with this information.