Liquidating USDT (piggy bank) profits



when using strategies with piggy banks, I would like to have the option to empty the piggies if and when I want to, without crashing the strategy. So for example: I have 100 USDT in piggy1, 250 in piggy2 and 50 in piggy3 (so 3 different strats running). Feature request is to be able to withdraw USDT400 (100+250+50) without having to stop/restart any of the strats and without crashing them.



Good points! Not only for USDT, but any coin.

Adding on the dashboard a total of how much BTC, USDT, etc. (base pairs) is reserved for currently running strategies

I agree.
It doesn’t make any sense to have a piggy if we can’t access it whenever we want, without having to stop the strategy.


Nice suggestion. Thanks for posting, It will be taken in consideration for the next bunch of updates, would need some works btw.

Break the piggy free!


Can this requested feature be next on the devlopment list please, I would welcome this so much!


That’s planned :ok_hand:


When can we expect this to be implemented???