Improve strategy builder with live preview options


I think will be a good feature if can view a live chart while you are editing the strategy. For example:

If u are creating a MA or SMA block will be nice if u can see the fast leng or slow lengt and which will be the entry or exit point.

If not be able to introduce this, maybe create strategys on the public library on trading view its a good choice.

In order to be more precise, i edit the post with images about how the developers can improve the strategy builder, i hope it likes u and vote me ty.

I think they can create 2 methods in order to improve like im explaining here, the first one its directly with strategys on Trading view, for example, exist strategys while u are editing u can view directly the changes and where is the best point to enter.
Example, as u can see on this strategy , u can edit the ema slow and fast and the buy value, directly after this the strategy show you a coloured green frame where is the best point acordding to your configuration:

1ºFirst image 2 entry possible entry points.
2º Image too many points because a bad configuration.

The second method its create it directly on the strategy builder kryll (i pref this one)
where while u are creating the entry or selling point u can view at the moment a preview.If u select bollinger configuration for buy u can see it on green, if u are configurating some strategy while need sell u can view it on red.


I am not sure to understand what you mean, so it is difficult for me to give you my vote, sorry.

But in general, yes, the strategy builder needs to be improved.


First post edited in order to explain it better