Ideas on new blocks and strategy building; strat stacking


Hi all,
I had some unstructured/wild ideas on creating new strategies, and new blocks that could help get better results that i would like to share. Also from a UX point of view on how to be able to easily incorporate them in the toolbox. I would call it ‘Strat stacking’, or ‘Strat Layering’.

  1. Possibility to drag a new conditional block from the toolbar representing the current Bitcoin price, totally independent of what coins the strategy you’re building for, is based on.
    So for example in a TRX/USDT strat you could still implement a Bitcoin block (or Ethereum for that matter) that takes into consideration its price movement, because these coins are so influential.
    Something like this:


  1. Import a whole strat in a customisable block that you can name , and that you can then use as a snippet to build new strats with; Strat stacking .

Something like this:


You could simply drag an ‘S’ block from the toolbar, click on it and get a pulldownmenu with all your saved strats so you can easily pick one to load in that block, and give it a proper name.

Then you could then trigger strats or make a stack of strats that run conditionally of other blocks, for example depending on how the Bitcoin block behaves.


I would like to hear your comments.


Interesting pov, part 1 have been mentioned in the chan earlier, could be implemented.

Thank you


Depends of the market a good strat must be have more path ( or is not a good strat :smiley: )


Any chance we will see a Bitcoin block implemented soon?
Would have been handy with the current Bitcoin bullrun.