Filter the strategies on the marketplace


With the number of stratégies available on the marketplace continuously growing (thanks to all the strategies developper ), we need a real filter tool to sort them. Not only the search function.
We must be able to sort them by:

  • pair
  • age or date of creation
  • live results
  • type de stratégie: range (kind of grid bot), with SL or not, and so on…
    We need so much criteria as possible.
    One way to do that and make the job of the Kryll devs easier is to force the strategies devs to fill in a form with details of the strategy when submitting a strategie to the marketplace.
    Of course the filter feature would ideally to cumulate these criteria. For example searching for strategies not older than one month, for the btcusd pair, with at least 2% positive result during the last 14 days.

Thx !