Consider integrating the shrimpy rebalancer as portfolio manager


There is another bot I wanted to point out which has a completely different approach.

Shrimpy has two main advantages: ease of diversifying crypto assets and automatic rebalancing for increased returns and decreased volatility.

They have an API which might make some sense to consider creating a partnership with in some way.

So while Kryll focusses on the visual tools that build complex strategies to make gains and a nice marketplace to share and monetize them; shrimpy has created tools to diversify portfolio and reduce volatility. It seems to me these 2 platforms could complement each other quite well possibly.

Using their API on the backend can be entirely transparent to the Kryll user. You could plug their functionality right into the portfolio section. There would have to be some fiddling with possibly “blacklisting” coins while strategies are working with them but nothing unsurmountable.

I don’t know much about business stuff but Krill and Shrimp seem to go together thematically if nothing else… could it be a match made in heaven?

And a rebalancer is a feature I have personally been looking for and others may be as well.

Maybe Kryll should just buy them. :wink:

of course just copying the feature is an option as well…
what they have done with the ability to add cold storage and blacklist certain things from being considered in trade calculations is pretty nice though… and the work is already done.


As it is an easy dev thing (under specifics circumstances) we may offer it someday if the demand is high.