Bug in strategy backtester for EMA cross?


Hey everyone,
I have just tested Kryll back tester for strategies, but the backtesting results I obtained are wrong IMO. I was testing a simple buy/sell strategy with golden/death cross on EMA 8/21 daily, But Krill has placed buy/sell orders where there was no cross in many cases. I wrote to support too, maybe it’s a bug.

Below is Kryll back testing results, thesecond image is Tradingìview true golden/death cross for the same parameters. They are different. The strategy is clearly profitable (better than holding) for this pair, but Kryll says it’s not better than holding.

I thought I made some errors in setting the strategy, but I triple checked and tested several times… I always get the wrong results.

Am I missing something here, or it’s really a bug?