Btc/Altcoin Index and Btc gain/loss index change strategies


Im think a new good feature is a block that consider the btc price and make decision if the value of btc goes down or up or sideways for hours (or days) , and a mix index (ratio) of btc VS all other market capitalization.

We can create an index with btc price up/down and dominance in point or percentage or simple mining data through CMC then this point/perc can easily stop or continue work of the main altcoin algorithm.

In this market BTC IS GOD , where btc go everything goes , is like dollar in us market but with more fluctuation.


I absolutely agree with this suggestion!
To keep it simple, it could just be a block reacting to the BTC/USDT pair from the exchange the strategy is running on. Indeed BTC is god and when it drops hard I would love to be able to stop all my strategies and sell all my “traded coins” for BTC or some stable coin.