ATTN: Calling All Kryll Publishers!


Hello :slight_smile:

Just bouncing ideas. This maybe nothing or something great.

Allow me to elaborate.

What about creating a strategy, or series of strategies that targets miners. Ones that can trade proof of work (POW) minable alt coins. Some examples and for obvious reasons I will exclude coins like BTC ETH and in A-Z order: BCD, BCN, BTG, DCR, ETC, KMD, LTC, POLY, RVN, SC, SYS, XMR, XVG, XZC, ZEC, ZEN, ZRX and many more.

Why bother? Well there are still a lot of small to medium miners out there. And a large number have a tendency to trade their respective cryptocurrencies, once they reach a certain threshold. They visit the exchange, look for the best price, or range at that time, and or within the foreseeable future, or sell due to FUD etc with a simple sell or limit order.

Partly because lots of miners don’t have time, or not interested in acquiring all the skills needed to trade effectively.

Don’t get me wrong there are some really great, astute, and profitable miner/traders out there.

But still lots that don’t see POW mining and effective trading often go hand-in-hand.

And the dynamics of these types of cryptocurrencies can change dramatically. There are traders that know this, and see the potential within these areas. And often take advantage of less astute miners or miner/traders to accumulate and then pump and dump. Or other such strategies etc.

Thus a lot of miners or miner/traders do miss out on opportunities for better price action.

It may take some research and forethought to see if this is something worthwhile viable or not.

But if it is…think of the free publicity, viral marketing (new users, increased revenue streams) for both Kryll and the respective publisher(s). If you could create something that benefits miners when trading. So they can focus on mining and “don’t trade their life away”. (To paraphrase Kryll’s tagline)

The POW mining community is huge. Yet still a small school in terms of passing on ideas, information, news etc very quickly around their respective community(s). With loads of telegram, reddit, discord channels, and loads of online forums i.e. bitcointalk etc etc.

Again just bouncing ideas. Many thanks for taking the time to read. Thoughts anyone and have a great day :slight_smile: