Additional Strategy Performance Metrics


To help users choose their ideal strategy, along with more transparency. It would be great if we had some additional performance metrics. To help see what really works.

Likewise a real-time live trade user count. Rather than just the current overall strategy past/present use count. Many thanks :slight_smile:


MarketPlace aim to evolve.
For the real-time live trade it is used to show the trending strategies like explained here:



Hello and many thanks for your reply.

Sadly this algo while ok…it could be gamed or manipulated.

And I realise that not every strategy will work the same for every user. The market is always changing, and we all have different objectives goals etc.

But something that clearly shows what strategies really work, and could help reduce trial and error. Especially for new or first time users who are on a tight budget. Would go a long way to making Kryll a success. Plus help cut down requests for info made within the Telegram channel.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Almost everything can be cheated.

We will work to improve MarketPlace in the following times. Taking care of community feedbacks, be sure.


Maybe wen can add to poster a thing like this.

On the left total gain since hit the market (backtest) or 1 year backtest. On the right 1/2 months of live perf.
And in the center maybe hodl.

Obviously add by these 2 factor other than yours for the ranking.