Adding the possibility to stop, suspend or liquidate a strategy from the mobile app and the web platform


Yes that’s a lot in one subject but as you cannot post too many topics in quick succession otherwise you get told off, I thought I’d put it all in one.

So in order of importance:
1- Have the possibility to stop a strategy from within the mobile app

2- Have the possibility to suspend a strategy (maybe still consuming KRL but not doing any trades) from both the web platform and the mobile app. This would be useful in case of an obvious pump and dump (like it happened with BRD on 27/02/19) in order to avoid the strategy going nuts and buying at the top of the pump. Just suspend the strategy for a few hours and then resume when things have settled.

3- Have the possibility to liquidate a strategy from the web platform and mobile app. By that I mean if you have any coins it would sell everything at market price and stop the strategy all in one go (without having to manually go to the exchange and sell the coins). Again useful in case of market panic, massive BTC dump, etc.


Crypto trading on mobile may be subject to app store to refuse update, it is not as easy as add it to the mobile app.

Over points are interesting though. Some of these are already under development :wink:



if app store regulations stand in the way of adding such functionalities, bypassing the appstores by creating a special mobile webpage with these functions could be an alternative route?


Point 1 done.

Topic closed, for other point please use 1 topic per suggestion.