Adding funds without liquidating


please add athe option to add funds without the need to stop a strat and liquidate first


and to add, also use coins that are already in possession


would love to see these two features as well :point_up_2:


We are aware of this awaited feature. We will try to work on it after our major update (V1). I have no date to give by now btw.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Adding funds… but also removing funds from a running strategy.
Would be useful for instance if a strategy is not performing amazingly and that one wants to move funds to another more profitable strategy.

Add funds to a live running strat without stopping it


more than one and a half year later, I wonder if you have any time line for the implementation of the most demanded feature on this community forum ?

Thanks in advance


7 months, not one year and half…

There is no ETA yet for this feature but it is in the list of priorities.



au temps pour moi.

Encore un peu de patience alors…