Add property "Instant event" signalling without waiting for a "tick"


After hours spend on editor I have noticed strange “feature” in event signalling. All events are being thrown a one tick later than occurs.

Let me explain in simple steps:

  1. Open editor on pro mode with Binance BTC/USDT on 19.04.2019 with 15M candles near 4am.

  2. Add standard RSI chart 15M 30/70 with 14 candles. Result should looks like this:

  1. Draw simple scenario like this:

Or import this source:

  1. Press play for date range 19.04.2019 - 19.04.2019

Now look at the logs:

On this scenario we have 4 candles:

At the close of candle two (3:45) we can see that RSI crossed oversell downward, but event is being emitted at next candle at 4:00 but on this candle (4AM) event oversell upward should be send.

Everything is moved +1 tick later in time for specific candle!
When you choose 4H candles event in your scenario occurs 4 HOURS LATER!

Of course this change could be added as “fast event” checkbox on box properties window like this: