A localised time/date format in V1 please!


Now everything shows in the (wrong US) format…:roll_eyes:


What do you mean ?
Can you share a capture screen please.


When i try to upload a screenshot, i get an error from the forum:
New users cannot upload images???
What i mean is that the platform seems to be standardised on the US date and time format:
month-day-year instead of the european (where i live)format day-month year…
Time is not 17:28 but shows as 5:28 PM


Try it , should be good now (for posting image).



image posting works now! See what i mean?


ok, understood. We will see if we can figure this out in an update.


After the launch of V1 this date format is still unchanged?


Not yet, it was not in our V1 priority, later, no worry.


Meanwhile we have arrived at version 1.2, and we’re still stuck with the US date formatting.
Can a change from MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY be expected soon?



It is not taken in consideration due to the lack of requests, I suggest you to open a new topic and to grab some votes (this topic as no vote system, it may have been created before we implemented the vote plugin).