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Faster app login via QR (1)
Portfolio totals (3)
Feature request: OR block update (2)
Test strategy from marketplace directly (2)
Buy Kryll easily (17)
See how many users are going LIVE with a strategy (4)
Adding on the dashboard a total of how much BTC, USDT, etc. (base pairs) is reserved for currently running strategies (2)
Add timestamps to app notification (2)
Change strategy a little bit without liquidating (5)
Start with currencies other than base pairs (4)
Reinvest piggy savings (3)
Separate forum for mobile app (2)
Feature request : sell a strategie on marketplace (1)
Feature request: KRL burn rate rate (2)
Feature request: notification when strat is updated (2)
Make 'Portfolio evolution' the all time result (2)
Color Sell/Buy scheme (1)
Fib Retracement (2)
New ideal features kryll (2)
Piggy overview of earned profits (2)