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Publisher should have higher priority for backtests (2)
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Quality toggle on Strat Editor (1)
Better strategy versioning like Version Control Systems (1)
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Liquidating USDT (piggy bank) profits (7)
Night Mode toggle (1)
Option to never sell below buy price (12)
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Block that can set trading hours (1)
Publisher feature (6)
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Price up and Price down blocks with average order calculation size (1)
Adding the possibility to stop, suspend or liquidate a strategy from the mobile app and the web platform (3)
Add funds to a live running strat without stopping it (1)
For a better use of the Log Window (3)
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"Live" wallet balance when backtesting (1)
Win % percentage on backtesting (1)
New indicators for trading (like order flows) (2)
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Responsive design of the platform (3)
Selecting several blocks (2)
Btc/Altcoin Index and Btc gain/loss index change strategies (2)
Search filters for market place (2)