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Improve strategy builder with live preview options (3)
Backtest speed upgrade for publishers (2)
Adding funds without liquidating (8)
Folders to organise strats? (3)
Add funds to a live running strat without stopping it (3)
Allow duplicating of blocks (2)
Adding the possibility to stop, suspend or liquidate a strategy from the mobile app and the web platform (5)
Allow suggestions and voting direct in the Kryll App (1)
Filter the strategies on the marketplace (1)
Discount+lottery+cashback when you hold strategy (1)
Add the fundamental Chikouspan (lagging span) of Ichimoku kinko hyo system (1)
Requesting ability to trade in fx market (1)
Log the chart values when a bloc is triggered (1)
Publisher should have higher priority for backtests (2)
Ability to break line to help organize strategy (2)
KRL Billing info (2)
Quality toggle on Strat Editor (1)
Better strategy versioning like Version Control Systems (1)
Backtest with profit/loose chart during history like backtesting on TradingView (1)
Add Markdown support for Strategy descriptions (1)
Liquidating USDT (piggy bank) profits (7)
Night Mode toggle (1)
Option to never sell below buy price (12)
Blocks for TD Sequential and Stoch RSI (1)
Block that can set trading hours (1)
Publisher feature (6)
Piggy bank profit saving and include in overview (1)
Add property "Instant event" signalling without waiting for a "tick" (1)
Price up and Price down blocks with average order calculation size (1)