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Piggy should only take profit after a winning trade [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Kryll not recognising my API keys [Site Feedback] (1)
Stop loss for strategies [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Can i identify where my funds went with txid? [Site Feedback] (1)
Simple subscription model [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Add Stochastic Indicator block [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Idée : click sur logs => voir la bougie dans tradingview [Feature Suggestion] (1)
More connections for "OR" blocks [Feature Suggestion] (1)
[Dashboard] Set the displayed zoom for the chart by strat [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Keep Buy&Hold comparison [Site Feedback] (2)
Bitcoin Guided Strategies [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Site Kryll- Ajout de filtre a la page "portfolio" [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Easy withrawal - reduce investment by X % [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Suggestions pour les créateurs [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Able to create folders in strategies page to better organize strategiies [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Pay fees in BTC, without having to register and pay fees to another service [Feature Suggestion] (1)
TR or ATR Block [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Feature request: possibility for the user to start previous version(s) of marketplace strategy [Feature Suggestion] (1)
A TR or ATR block to measure mkt volatility [Site Feedback] (1)
Add the fundamental Chikouspan (lagging span) of Ichimoku kinko hyo system [Feature Suggestion] (2)
Backtest speed upgrade for publishers [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Selecting several blocks [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Liquidating USDT (piggy bank) profits [Feature Suggestion] (8)
Add option to test ma, ema ... in the past [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Add exchange for Kryll [Feature Suggestion] (1)
Improve strategy builder with live preview options [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Adding funds without liquidating [Feature Suggestion] (9)
Folders to organise strats? [Feature Suggestion] (3)
Can we have a localized date/time format setting in our strat builder? [Site Feedback] (1)
Automatic stop if % gain [Site Feedback] (1)